AI drug interaction assistant

100% self-hosted

A white-label AI assistant seamlessly integrated into your PVS/VOS software, that allows doctors in one-click check drug-patient interactions

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Elevate your software

Our tool significantly reduces the time it takes to give a medical recommendation, making the entire process faster, easier, and safer for both doctors and patients.


An AI solution that provides real-time drug compatibility verification to support informed clinical decisions.

It’s only one-click to check:

Drug-drug interaction

Our intelligent assistant system proactively safeguards patient health by alerting physicians in real-time to potential drug interactions. This advanced tool cross-references current prescriptions with the patient’s medication history, ensuring that every prescription is safe and effective.

Drug-patient interaction

With access to electronic health records, the assistant also checks in real time whether the medication prescribed by the doctor is safe for the patient due to his or her physical condition, such as pregnancy, advanced age or diseases.

It’s not another ChatGPT integration

Our assistant is deployed on the infrastructure that you own.
This ensures that patients’ data never leaves your system or is processed by anyone else.

Using private large language model offers several advantages:


The model’s answers are more accurate because it learns from the data you give it access to.

Adjusting the model’s training data helps ensure relevance and safety.

Legally compliant

GDPR compliance in the area of data processing and data security assurance

Your patients’ data will never leave your system.

You are the only entity that processes your patients’ data.

Data Control

Keep data on your own servers to reduce the risk of breaches and protect sensitive information.

Use internal or curated data sets to decrease the risk of malicious data in model training.

Control access and permissions to mitigate unauthorized use or access.

How does it work?

Hassle-free integration process

We designed our add-on to be easy to integrate into your solution. Thanks to the simple REST API interface, integrating our plugin into your system can take as little as 20 minutes.

Contact us

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According to WHO statistics, medication-related harm accounts for more than half of all preventable harm in healthcare worldwide. The rate of medication errors in hospitals in Europe ranges from 0.3% to 9.1% for prescriptions. Our tool helps physicians prescribe safely and can help reduce these tragic statistics.

Thanks to the simple REST API interface, integrating our plugin into your system can take as little as 20 minutes. Moreover, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you during the integration process, ensuring that any potential issues are promptly addressed.

Of course. Through the fine-tuning process, you can train your model’s industry-specific information.

We can deploy our solution on your hardware in your facility. With good security practices, no third party will have access to your patient’s data. This ensures that you are not in violation of GDPR.

Our add-on works best in English and German. Other languages may follow in the future.

We present our solution using the Mistral 7B model. This model has shown superior performance compared to other models of its size, even outperforming the 13 billion parameter Llama 2 model on all benchmarks tested.
We designed our add-on so that you can use a different language model if you need to.