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There is probably no one who would not have heard of companies providing taxi applications such as Uber, Bolt or FreeNow. In many countries, taxi drivers who want to use these applications must work in conjunction with their fleet partners. This is due to national laws. Countries adapt their laws so that such taxi services are carried out while respecting the interests of passengers. The providers of these taxi applications supply fleet partners with only minimal information about trips made by their drivers, but in various heterogeneous formats. In addition, partners for drivers provide their additional services for a fee - fuel cards, vehicle servicing, rental of cash registers and much more. All this makes settling a given driver very tedious and laborious.

That is why the CABIO platform was created!

Thanks to the integration with data sources such as information about trips from individual taxi applications (Uber, Uber Eats, Bolt, FreeNow, Glovo) or fuel card issuers (Orlen, Flotex, Circle K), the CABIO platform gives fleet partners the option of easy management and settlement with drivers. What's more and more important - fleet partners using the CABIO platform are no longer tied to a specific provider of taxi applications. Regardless of whether the supplier of such an application will change the data access interface or in the future a new taxi application will be created on the market - the fleet partner using CABIO does not have to worry about it - it will be completely transparent for him.