• React React
  • SpringBoot SpringBoot
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • Amazon AWS Amazon AWS

Campstar is a startup founded by three wonderful gentlemen from Germany (more specifically from Hamburg). With the aspirations to enter the global camping services market, they set a very high bar - the creation of a worldwide platform for booking campsites, motorhomes and the sale of camping equipment. They started with a very lean MVP version that was built by our colleagues from Estonia. After finding an investor, they wanted to proceed with the rapid development of the product, but unfortunately, it turned out that the Estonian team did not have enough capacity to meet this challenge.

Then they happily found us, which began our long-term cooperation. First, we migrated the existing solution from the Azure test account to the AWS cloud, because as a startup they got a lot of credit from Amazon Web Services. Then, we provided a full-stack team (from design activities to the database development and DevOpsing), that using the SCRUM approach, built the entire platform with them.

During the development of the campstar.com platform, we addressed the following issues and used the following technologies:

  • high availability,
  • containerization,
  • relational database (PostgreSQL),
  • full-text search engine (Luciene),
  • GIS searching (PostGIS),
  • Java + Spring,
  • React.js,
  • Express.js,
  • domain APIs integration: ctoutvert,
  • infrastructure API integration.

"There’s a huge amount of trust we have in their ability to deliver good-quality and reliable code. When talking about value, they are in a league of their own."

Carsten Greiner

CEO at Campstar