A diagram illustrates the cloud-based NubiSoft FCS Chefer system, showing how data flows from users through frontend and backend apps to a database. The diagram highlights the system's architecture and the interaction of its components, emphasizing a focus on data processing and storage within a cloud environment.
  • Angular Angular
  • Java Java
  • Spring Boot Spring Boot
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL

The web-based hospital pharmacy for German hospitals supports medical professionals in ordering medicines and issuing e-prescriptions. This application integrates with pharmaceutical suppliers via external APIs using the MSV3 protocol. The creation and digital signing of e-prescriptions is made possible by the connection to the German Telematics Infrastructure. 

From information on ingredients and storage to specialist and usage information, users are spared time-consuming searches. The development was designed to meet all the requirements for certification by the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance (KBV).

During development, we dealt with the following topics and technologies:

  • Frontend development (Angular)
  • Backend development (Java, Spring Boot)
  • Relational database (PostgreSQL)
  • TI connector API integration
  • MSV3 API integration
  • Reading and management of SMC-B and HBA cards
  • Connection to the ADBA medication database
  • Full-text search functions (Apache Lucene)