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Most developing countries struggle with public health system insufficiency. It is similar in Poland. Long queues for health services result in a large average patient waiting time for a given service. But these problems are often local - queues in one city may be many times longer than in others.

A certain solution could be giving patients the opportunity to view the appointments of medical units located in a certain geographical area and giving the possibility to choose the most convenient option (date and locality).

We participated in building a solution enabling the patient to implement this process in 'online' mode. Our task was to integrate the systems of service providers with the central system of booking medical services. We implemented this as a loose coupling of systems communicating asynchronously using a queuing platform based on the JMS standard.

Now, when you register in the 'online' application for a visit to one of many medical units, you can be sure that the unit knows about it and that you will be admitted.