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The whole world is transforming toward 'online'. Depending on the area and geographical region, these transformations are progressing faster or slower. Currently, a lot is being done in Poland regarding the digitization of individual areas of state administration. For example, health care legislation has recently been improved, which now allows drug prescriptions and sick leave to be issued online instead of formerly required paper forms.

This opens up completely new possibilities for improving the effectiveness of treatment processes. However, the software of many providers of this type of solutions on the healthcare market is often implemented in the architecture of fat clients, which prevents the use of these new opportunities, for example in the case of services provided in the patient's place of residence (so-called home visits). Therefore, having previous experience in the healthcare industry, we decided to build an online platform for issuing sick leave using a light web application running on laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

To optimize the issue of sick leave we designed a responsive, intuitive user interface and minimized the number of user-system interactions necessary to achieve the user's goals and applied several improvements like intelligent suggesting of previously entered data or advance validation of processed information.

To ensure the required level of security, we implemented user authentication and digital signing of sick leaves using personal medical certificates issued by Social Insurance Institution. To further security increase, we integrated the system with cloud storage services: DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive where doctors can store certificates in their private accounts.

Currently, a doctor, free of charge, being equipped only with a mobile phone, using our solution can safely, conveniently and effectively issue a sick leave. We also offer a paid premium version dedicated to doctors who issue many sick leaves. The purchase of a premium license is fully automated using online payment and invoicing.

We are glad that we can contribute to improving the effectiveness of treatment processes in Poland, and the constantly growing list of satisfied doctors using our solution gives us additional satisfaction.

During the development of the ezlapka.pl platform, we addressed the following issues and used the following technologies:

  • responsive web design,
  • high availability,
  • containerization,
  • relational database (PostgreSQL),
  • Java + Spring,
  • vue.js,
  • domain APIs integration: Social Insurance Institution.
  • infrastructure API integration: DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, online payment.