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We cooperate with the largest academic research and development center in the region - The Silesian University of Technology. It is the oldest technical university in the region and one of the largest in Poland. Recently, it has won the "Excellence Initiative " competition, gaining the prestigious title of a "Research University". The mission of the Silesian University of Technology is to conduct innovative scientific research and development works, as well as to actively influence the development of the region. The Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science of the Silesian University of Technology employs 61 professors and habilitated doctors as well as over 200 tutors and assistant professors and lecturers. Cooperation with this large academic center creates a number of opportunities and benefits:

  • the opportunity to recruit the most talented computer science graduates,
  • cooperation in projects carried out jointly co-financed from European R&D funds,
  • access to the latest research results shaping IT development trends,
  • cooperation in joint research initiatives,
  • commissioning diploma theses on commercially available topics.



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