• React React
  • SpringBoot SpringBoot
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL

The idea of creating 'Story' comes from Triptech - a company based in Vancouver, Canada. They were looking for a partner, who can quickly implement MVP as per the provided design. After the first round of interviews with selected companies, they decided to engage NubiSoft, as we were able to convince them we can meet tight deadlines. And we actually did! In less than a month we developed a full-fledged web application, which has even more features than we included in the initial scope. It was possible due to the right technical and architectural decisions we made and our commitment to quality.

At present 'Story' is being evaluated by PhD students which use it to collaborate while doing their research.

During the development of 'Story' application, we addressed the following challenges:

  • scalable, multi-tenant relational data model (PostgreSQL)
  • large file upload and storage (S3)
  • containerization (Docker)
  • automated CI/CD pipelines