NubiSoft moves to the new office

East or West, office is best

Just a short note on our relocation. We were looking for a new place for some time already. There were several reasons. The most important one was we grew so big that we just didn’t fit where we were. We definitely needed more space and more rooms.

The second one was the localization. We were searching for a place better communicated to enable us to use public transport which is important for those wanting to preserve our planet. On the other hand for those not wanting, we needed more parking places 😉

It is said that technology companies, especially during a pandemic, can work completely remotely thanks to modern collaboration tools. It is true. At NubiSoft, we also work partially remotely, even we have several teammates scattered all over the country. However, in my opinion, nothing can replace personal contact, and direct communication is the least likely to distort the message and, as a result, misunderstand.

And you Dear Reader, feel invited to our new location too!

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