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NubiSoft x Docplanner Group

Project overview
Docplanner Group
Implementation of health e-services on the Docplanner platform
Ongoing, since 2020
Data modeling
UI/UX design
Development of the backend and frontend services
Java+ Spring Boot


In 2020, Docplanner initially approached us for a relatively small project: integrating their platform with the National Health Fund system (e-WUŚ). As conversations evolved, it became clear that our shared understanding of customer-oriented product development was exceptional. Subsequently, the client postponed the implementation and entrusted us with a larger project instead – developing an e-referral module in its EHR platform. Following the successful project, our collaboration expanded, evolving into a sustained partnership that still endures.

About the client 

Docplanner stands as the world’s largest healthcare platform with over 100 million users booking over 21 million appointments per month and 280 000 active professionals. Originating in Poland in 2012, the company has expanded its footprint to encompass 13 countries, boasting a team of over 2,800 professionals across global offices, all sharing a common goal: to make the healthcare experience more human!

Key challenge

Originally focused on a rating and feedback system for medical professionals, Docplanner’s platform experienced rapid growth and international expansion. Evolving into a comprehensive solution, it aimed to assist doctors in attracting patients while streamlining medical staff operations. To achieve this, the platform needed to address the needs of doctors, integrate with national medical infrastructure, and comply with local legislative requirements.

Therefore, Docplanner sought a vendor to skillfully create plugins to integrate their EHR solution with national e-health systems in Poland.

In Poland, all doctors must use e-services and report medical events to the Electronic Platform for Gathering, Analysis, and Sharing of Digital Resources on Medical Events, also known as P1. Additionally, medical professionals typically check their patients’ insurance status in NFZ systems. 


As a subcontractor, our task was to develop plugins for creating, reviewing and accepting electronic prescriptions, referrals, and sick leaves. Furthermore, our task was to develop:

  • Integration of Docplanner platform with P1 for Medical Events reporting,
  • Confirmation of the payer status in the “e-WUŚ” system.

The priorities for the client were:

  • Correct integration with e-services in Poland,
  • Stability and speed of the developed solutions,
  • Graphical consistency with the functioning platform,
  • Ergonomics, scalability, and maintainability.


The collaboration started with the e-referral plugin for doctors. This required us to store and provide the ability to upload dedicated physician and facility certificates. After adding this basic functionality to the platform, we added an interface to issue e-referrals. 

At the beginning of our collaboration, e-prescribing on the Docplanner platform relied on an external, third-party solution. Seeking a streamlined approach to managing various e-health services, post the successful implementation of e-referrals, we were tasked with incorporating an e-prescribing and medical event reporting module.

Mutual satisfaction with the cooperation resulted in two further projects, namely integration with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) system for issuing e-sick leaves and verification of the patient’s insurance in the NFZ systems (e-WUŚ).

A diagram outlining the architecture of a national e-health system. The system consists of various components, including plugins for e-referrals, e-sick leave, e-prescriptions, medical events, and insurance verification, and it connects to external entities such as ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) and NFZ (National Health Fund).

Cooperation model

The solution was developed independently by our team using accepted development standards and technologies. The client delegated a Product Manager to handle the business analysis and supervise the cooperation process. Thanks to excellent communication with them, our team was well-informed about the client’s requirements and current needs.

The close and continuous cooperation allowed for the flexible introduction of necessary changes in projects and response to changing business circumstances. 

Our success in e-health services implementation in Poland has led to further projects with NubiSoft commissioned for similar ventures in other countries.


Lukasz Arendt

Product Manager @ Docplanner Group
I think their domain knowledge regarding Polish healthcare digitalization was quite unique. I was impressed by their reliability, work ethic, and great communication.



Flexible number od dedicated team members


Health e-services in Poland implemented and operational

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